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About Us

At TEC Co., Ltd., we are aiming and holding one goal above others: a 100% client satisfaction. Our team of web developers, designers and digital marketers are well experienced in web development industry as well as the e-Commerce industry and we uphold high standards on planning and execution. Our team are dedicated on building professional e-Commerce website for your company on time and on-budget.

Web Development and Business Expertise

We have been in trading business local and international for 27 years since 1990, in the middle of our track we decided to go penetrate the internet business. In the coming years, we went into full-scale operation of our Web Division and launched the city information site "Plat NAVI" and "1-2 Call" the real-time distribution of wrestling match and accounting system.

Year 2014, we saw the potential market of e-Commerce industry, so we started an e-Commerce Website sales platform named "MegaPUI" together with our partners from Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Germany, and established its business model as B2C (Business to Consumer) to serve more consumer around the globe and remove the border problems on purchasing a products from another country.

Given these experiences we assure that we are not just skilled in Web development but as well as with the business cores and procedures.

Online Platforms

Choose any of these online platforms
and add one of our service packages.

Online Auction Shop Website

A complete Auction Selling web platform, to manage and sell products on auctions in easiest possible way.

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Online Shop

From your first online sale to shipping thousands of orders around the world, Shopping/Retail System can take your e-Commerce business to the next level.

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Hotel Booking Website

The booking system that allows hotel owners to manage their online & ondesk bookings by launching an Hotel Booking Website.

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Corporate/Informative Website

Showcase your Company’s mission, vision and products. Gear up your Corporate site with a lot of informations and rich contents about your company that can easily be access throughout all devices.

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Packages Plans

Add our best packages that will suit your business
with a complimentary online platform.

Starter Plan

  • 20GB Storage Capacity
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited pages
  • Dedicated Support

eCommerce Plan

  • 40GB Storage Capacity
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited pages
  • Dedicated Support

+Plus Plan

  • 80GB Storage Capacity
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited pages
  • Dedicated Support

Flexible and Affordable Plans

Whether you're just starting, Small or Medium business we have the best and flexible packages to help you.
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Amazing Features

Full Content Management System

User-Friendly interface, master all the controls in no time.

Fully Responsive Design

Make your brand accessible to all devices from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Multi Language and Currency ready

Be globally available with ready and easy setup of language and currency.

Unlimited Pages

Add products and pages with no limits to keep up with your branding.

Built-in Analytics Tools

Built-in detailed statistics tools to help you understand what's happening with your website.

Dedicated Support

Seat back and relax let us do all the dirty works so you can focus on your sales.

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